United Belize Advocacy Movement

Belize City, Belize
Joined May 2022

We are the oldest and only L.G.B.T led policy and advocacy organization in Belize, working on law reform, litigation through our Human Rights Observatory to dismantle systemic & structural violence

Presence in: Belize
Focus: Criminal Justice, LGBTQI+ Rights


To be LGBT policy and advocacy organization that provides investigation, documentation, and civil rights enforcement services for marginalized communities in Belize using a transnational and national framework to address systemic and structural violence that promote rights violations of Belizeans trying to access state services.

Area of work:

  1. Systemic and Structural violence advocacy to strengthen legal and regulatory frameworks on socio-economic and civil rights matters for vulnerable populations.
  2. Provision of socio-economic and civil rights services through our human rights observatory the only LGBT led and managed redress mechanism for vulnerable populations.
  3. Sustainable Development Advocacy around vulnerable population with the Ministry of Economic Development and Sustainable Development to inform their mid-term planning documents for the country.
  4. Transnational advocacy with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Universal Periodic Review and O.A.S.
  5. Transnational advocacy to address LGBTI economic inclusion, improved interventions to address gender-base violence for vulnerable women through Spotlight a global EU program that operates in the national response.
  6. Transnational and national advocacy and monitoring around the application of the L.G.B.T.I index, progress on sustainable development goals as it affects key and vulnerable populations through UN systems, Ministries, and international webinars.
  7. Production of knowledge products to address inclusive sustainable development, economic policy, and development planning.
  8. Budget advocacy to support better health outcomes for key and vulnerable population in our HIV response.
  9. Policy monitoring and evaluation to inform interventions that promote inequity and inequality that impacts key and vulnerable populations.