Ufasiri Halisi SLI Innovations Limited

Nairobi, Kenya
Joined August 2021

Hali Halisi is a digital sign language interpretation platform that connects the deaf with interpreters, anytime, anywhere.

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Education, Health, Livelihoods, Other, Right to Information

Ufasiri Halisi SLI Innovations limited is a tech company that focuses on revolutionizing assistive technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The company came to life from the vision of CEO Silvia Muturi who, after over 15 years of sign language interpreting, dreamt of transforming the Deaf community by utilising technology to bring access and inclusion to those who were often denied access to important health and education information by communication barriers.

The company’s vision is to achieve this through Hali Halisi, the digital sign language interpretation platform. The Deaf can access interpreters anytime and anywhere. The goal is to shape new standards around communication with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing by bringing accessibility to sign language interpretations through modern technology and digitalisation.