Twerwaneho Listeners Club

Fort Portal City, Uganda
Joined June 2021

TLC promotes good governance and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms of the marginalized and most vulnerable to ensure improved service delivery, equitable development and peace.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Environmental Justice

Program area:

  1. Governance and Accountability: Private Sector & Public sector:

Monitoring of public service delivery.

Meaningful community participation in management of natural resources and equitable benefit sharing (focusing on the Rights, Roles, Responsibilities and Returns)

  1. Human Rights, Access to Justice and Civic Participation

Land Rights

Access, utilization and ownership of land by the different marginalized groups and ethnic minority groups.

Land acquisition and compensation

Legal assistance


  1. Human Rights Defenders

Safety and security of the grass root human rights defenders (Physical and digital security)

Catalyzing the formation of grass root activists, enhance capacity of existing and new ones and join existing strong groups.

Human rights defending of the most at risk and marginalized groups (individual grass root activists, ethnic minorities and women activists)

Legal Assistance

  1. Unlawful eviction of communities around Tooro -Semuliki Game Park by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)

How local radio can advance human rights – and build community philanthropy too: the story of Twerwaneho Listeners’ Club


  1. Nkenda-Mpuuta electricity transmission line (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Eastern DRC


  1. China Wu Yi road construction company and property destruction with no compensation
  2. Unionized Workers rights in Tea factories and plantations
  3. Oil and gas exploration in Ntoroko and land evictions

Our preliminary finding indicate communities were evicted without compensation which is against the law.

  1. Salt mining and factory setup along Lake Katwe will unlawfully evict over 5000 artisanal miners