THEMIS Gênero Justiça e Direitos Humanos

Porto Alegre , Brazil
Joined March 2017

My work is aimed at guaranteeing the rights of domestic workers, ensuring empowerment through knowledge of rights and strengthening of trade union organizations.

Presence in: Brazil
Focus: Gender-based violence, Labor & Employment, Women's Rights

THEMIS – Gender, Justice and Human Rights was established in 1993 by a group of feminist advocates and social scientists to address discrimination against women in the justice system. The history of THEMIS is confused with the struggles and achievements of Brazilian women. Its mission is to expand the conditions of access to justice. It is a civil society organization based in Porto Alegre (RS / Brazil).

Work is structured from three main strategies:
– Strengthen women’s knowledge of their rights and the justice system. To this end, THEMIS created the Popular Legal Promoters Training Program (PLPs), which empowers female community leaders in Human Rights, Women’s Rights, as well as explains the basic functioning of the organization of Justice and State systems;
– Dialogue with legal operators on the institutional mechanisms that preserve and reproduce discrimination against women. To this end, seminars, courses, workshops and publications were organized, bringing the feminist theory of law to the local legal debate, and proposing new approaches to the use of law;
– Advocate in strategic cases to protect and leverage women’s rights nationally or internationally
Currently, the institution works with a focus on the effectiveness of the rights of domestic workers and the strengthening of the network of protection for women victims of domestic violence through the PLP 2.0 application.