The Womens Advocate

Abuja, Nigeria
Joined September 2018

The women's Advocate is a legal center for women's Right & advocacy. We advocate for equal rights of women in all spheres of life.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Women's Rights

The women’s advocate provides pro-bono digital legal advice to women on a variety of issues including sourcing legal representation for women in domestic abuses cases, divorce cases, child custody cases, starting up a business, among other financial empowerment initiatives. Advocate for equal rights of women in all spheres of socio- economic life particularly at the work place, schools and other areas where rights of women are systematically subjugated. Raise awareness on violence against women and offer support to women who have encountered such including referring them to organizations who can actively represent them. Advocate for changes in Laws affecting women through engaging with law makers at the Federal and State levels to proactively challenge laws which are favorable to women while promoting and lobbying the adoption and passage of laws on various keys areas for women rights’ protection and empowerment such as abolition of obnoxious customary practices in various states and restrictions under religious precepts that undermine gender equality.