The Regional Centre for the Welfare of Ageing Persons in Cameroon (RECEWAPEC)

Bambui, Cameroon
Joined November 2017

Prince Bengha Martin Ngochia is an expert in ageing issues and is working in the promotion and protection of the rights of the ageing persons in Cameroon.

Presence in: Cameroon
Focus: Traditional / Customary Justice

General Assembly and  Board of Directors and the communities. Our working experiences in the field covers over twenty six years of relevant achievements in the ageing domain, Reputed for being the Civil Society Initiator of the rights of the ageing in Cameroon, having represented the Country and this group of persons in many international forums including the 54th United Nations General Assembly on ageing in New York 1999, United Nations Second world assembly on ageing in Spain 2002 represented the African Region as the IDOP panel member in New York 2005, represented the civil society of Cameroon in the United Nations Consultative meeting for the implementation of Madrid international plan of action in in Madrid in 2002 and  Bangkok, 2006.