The Free State Crime channel TV Inc.

Bloemfontein, South Africa
Joined October 2018

We entertain, inform, prevent, educate

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Justice, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Other, Right to Information, Traditional / Customary Justice

This is a Television broadcaster.


Remember, broadcasting starts with the audience and ends with the audience.
The Free State Crime Channel is an ad supported digital network distributed through digital, satellite and tel-co companies. The Free State Crime Channel focuses on entertaining, informing, preventing and educating its viewers. The programming will come from original and acquired sources. The capital production cost will be kept to a minimum because a substantial amount of the programs will be obtained from local law enforcement such as SAPS, Metro Police, Traffic Police etc, who will donate them for the price of duplication. Also, in-house productions will be tightly monitored to keep costs low. Entertaining programming will be prudently acquired from sources around the world and Southern Africa at large.

The growth of digital distribution through compressed signals has increased
channel capacity. This makes the addition of new channels more attractive for
distributors. For advertisers, The Free State Crime Channel will target Children to
Adults 15-85 with programming that is meaningful and stimulating. For viewers,
The Free State Crime Channel’s mission will be to entertain, inform, prevent and

The Free State Crime Channel markets itself to four distinct groups:
1) Distributors (digital, satellite and tel-co)
2) Advertisers
3) TV viewers
4) Promoters