Terre des hommes Foundation

Geneva, Switzerland
Joined August 2017

Terre des hommes, the leading Swiss child relief non-profit organization, is active in 38 countries with programs in mother&child health, migration, juvenile justice, child labour and humanitarian aid

Presence in: Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Egypt, Greece, Guinea, Haiti, Hungary, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mali, Mauritania, Moldova, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Romania, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Ukraine
Focus: Criminal Justice, Health, Other, Traditional / Customary Justice

Children are the first to suffer in times of war, natural disasters and as a result of poverty. At Terre des hommes, our goal is to steadily improve the conditions of the most vulnerable children worldwide. We are focused on five main objectives:

  • Improving the health of infants up to the age of 3 and of children in need of specialised medical care
  • Protecting migrant children
  • Preventing child exploitation
  • Promoting restorative justice for children in conflict with the law
  • Providing humanitarian aid to children and their families in times of emergency and crisis
Our projects and programmes revolve around:
• Children’s rights and their best interests
• Creating a strong local presence in close proximity to children, their families and communities
• Establishing close cooperation with local bodies based on respect
• Constant improvement and innovation
• Enhancing heath and protection systems in the long term
• Gaining recognition in Switzerland as a reliable organisation and source of financing
Our core values are:
Courage: We strive to make brave choices and to act with conviction and determination.
Ambition: We aim to bring about positive, significant and lasting change in the lives of children and their communities.
Respect: We favour an honest, responsible and open approach based on cooperation and acceptance of diversity.
Commitment: We endeavour to act with humanity and professionalism with and around children, and to promote fairness and equality.