Tanneri Chaso

Kathmandu, Nepal
Joined August 2019

We encourage people to "Stop complaining Start questioning’ for accountability. Our Mission is to create noise for better public service. & to urge a transparent and accountable political culture.

Presence in: Nepal
Focus: Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Other

TANNERI has its literal meaning in the Nepali language as ‘Proactive Youth’ and CHASO means concern.

Tanneri chaso- is a loose network of youth across the country guided by the spirit of volunteerism. It is a common and open network represented by active youths from different parts of Nepal to raise voice for political and social accountability including the concerns related to youth. We are driven by the interest to urge transparent and accountable political culture and politics, at a time when the active youth population is left merely with frustration over the existing political chaos, this network is in constant innovation to find creative and constructive action to engage young people in social-political debate and democratic practices. Innovative movement of youths to transform the frustrations created by the current political chaos and disorders in more creative and constructive action resulted in Tanneri “youth‟ movement and Nepal Debate Initiative.

This network uses networking and empowerment of youth in order to develop a culture of argument based activism by engaging youth from all divergent background regardless of their education, geography, profession, religion, and caste.