Kampala, Uganda
Joined September 2020

SEA is registered and works in Kasese District-Uganda. Her vision, is to create a vibrant and attractive rural community through sustainable management of natural resources.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Livelihoods

Sustainable Environmental Awake (SEA) was established on January 26, 2013 and was certified as a Community Based Organization (CBO) duly registered with Kasese District Local Government (NGO/CBO Desk) under registration number CBO/1102 offices located in Busongora County, Bugoye Sub County, Bugoye Parish, Rwakingi Village with operations in Kasese District. It was registered with Kasese District Development Network (KADDNET) in October 2013 CBO/1049’c.

SEA vision, is to create a vibrant and attractive rural community through sustainable management of natural resources, through delivery of quality services to community, that is principally centered, ethically minded, and economically conscious with capacity to influence the social and economic transformation of society. SEA values include: 1) Environmental Sustainability 2) Integrity 3) Innovation and 4) Teamwork.

The organization objectives include:

1. To enhance environmental sustainability
2. To contribute to improved livelihoods and nature-friendly production
3. To promote and support improved Community health
4. To strengthen the capacity of SEA and her stakeholders

SEA has todate worked with different funding partners including World Wide Fund Uganda Country Office (WWF UCO) from 2014 todate in the renewable energy sector; USAID/PATH in the better health project; Kasese district local government (KDLG) in the Farm income enhamcement project (FIEFOC), among others.

Through capacity building project funded by WWF UCO, the organization has put in place the human resources and the financial policy manuals, revised her strategic plan 2016-2020. Currently, SEA is implementing the clean energy project funded by European Union (EU) with support from World bank, government of Uganda through WWF UCO under hub model where improved cookstoves for charcoal and firewood plus solar home systems have been extended to communities on loan basis where the main grid may take long to reach for livelihood.