Students Against Corruption

Monrovia, Liberia
Joined October 2020

The Students Against Corruption (SAC) is aimed at bringing together youth from across Liberia to raise awareness about corruption related issues, expose the practices of corruption.

Presence in: Liberia
Focus: Education, Governance, Accountability & Transparency

Students Against Corruption (SAC) is a student-led organisation of activists in Liberia who have come together as a national force dedicated to fighting corruption. We are a young and passionate with chapters across Liberia and activists across the nation with the sole goal of combating corruption. Students Against Corruption (SAC) is fully run by young and volunteered individuals from across Liberia, and we also strife to be free from external effects that may undermine our credibility, values and ethos. For this reason we aim to unite young people with the aim to eradicate corruption Upon inception, we have rallied youths across Liberia creating a synergy towards an effective approach in creating awareness through campaigns and reporting regarding the forms of corruption.