Sport-Aid Development Trust

Lusaka, Zambia
Joined June 2016
Presence in: Zambia
Focus: Environmental Justice

Sport Aid Development Trust was founded in 2008 and register with National Youth development council in 2010 as Non Governmental Organisation and in 2013 on 18th October was register with PACRA as a Public company limited by guarantee.
Our vision: An innovative and sustainable developed society.
Our mission: To create an innovative society that is able to participate in conservation of the environment and natural resources
Our overall goal: To create a platform/s for holistic empowerment and engagement of underserved society.
Values and philosophy: SADT is founded on mutual values that support activism, accountability, transparency and self-sustainability.
Our philosophy is “Service to Humanity.
Organisation objectives:
1. Provide better opportunities for social – economic platform/s for vulnerable individuals /groups in the society.
2. Build capacity in the local people to enable them participation in the management of the natural resources by engaging the duty bearers in environment governance processes.
3. Build and support networks and partnerships locally, regionally and internationally.
4. Use sport as a means to foster programmes that build bridges across people of different socio-economic backgrounds, attitudes and to break down prejudices against race, gender and tribe, thus bringing about transformation at individual and social level.
The organisation purpose includes ; to educate the people on the importance of maintaining the ecosystem to achieve the environmental sustainability.
To build peoples capacity inorder to enable them to participate in the environment policy formulation processes to hold the duty bearers accountable for failure to implement important clauses therein.
To do research on the environment and natural resources and design the innovative approaches to address the gaps therein.