Solidarités asbl

Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Joined June 2022

Supporting local communities in improving their living conditions through the transformation of conflicts and the promotion of good governance for the construction of peace and sustainable development

Presence in: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Focus: Children's Rights, Education, Ethnic / Religious Minorities' Rights, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, HIV/Aids, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

Created in May 2012, Solidarités is a non-profit, apolitical and non-confessional association of a socio-humanitarian nature, whose main goal remains the improvement of the living conditions of populations, especially rural populations, through the management and peaceful transformation of conflicts, the development of agriculture-livestock, the fight against rape and sexual and gender-based violence, the fight against impunity and social inequalities, the supervision and socio-professional training of young people, local governance and the education in civic values, environmental protection as well as water-hygiene and sanitation.
It is registered by the Provincial Division of Justice and Human Rights under No. JUST.G/S-KV/3926/2014 of 09/09/2014 and operating under operating authorization No. 03/461/CAB/GOUPRO/2014 issued by the Governor of the Province of South Kivu.
Mission: Since its creation, Solidarités has set itself the mission of “supporting local communities in improving their living conditions by transforming conflicts and promoting good governance for the construction of peace and sustainable development. “.

4. Vision:
The ideal for Solidarités is to “Build Emerging and Prosperous Communities” for an improved socio-economic environment and perfect cohesion where the rights and duties of citizens are respectful fundamental values.
Areas of work:  Conflict transformation
 Good governance,
 Agropastoral,
 Health (PRSP, HIV/AIDS, SM -I, SM )
 Water – Hygiene and sanitation,
 Education and Child Protection
 Human rights of women,