Social Welfare & Agricultural Development Org

Baidoa, Bay Region, Somalia
Joined July 2021

The principle of social empowerment of youth, women, and child values. ❖ Improving Agricultural production. ❖ Improving human rights. ❖ Respect and dignity for all humans. ❖ Integrity and Justic

Presence in: Somalia
Focus: Education, Labor & Employment, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights

The Social welfare & Agricultural Development organization
Is a non-governmental, making development organization established in Baidoa
Somalia, for purpose of re-organizing the life of the society
especially on the community affairs, the fundamental objectives behind the
the foundation of the organization was supporting Agricultural and street children
youth groups who are the most vulnerable groups among of the society
through health, education, livelihoods, Agricultural development organization
and also committed to protecting human rights mobilizing them to
developmental activities, awareness-raising on GBV, HIV/AIDS, sanitation,
promotion peace, reconciliation, rehabilitation, and Framers Programs,
humanitarian arras are also included under consideration of SOWADO
Community members working for human rights and Agricultural