Self Help Association for Rural People through Eduacation & Entrepreneurship (SHAREE)

Silver Spring, United States
Joined January 2022

SHAREE is a registered Charitable right-based organization in Bangladesh and an NGO in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the UN works for Dalit, minorities, and women empowerment.

Presence in: Bangladesh, United States
Focus: Children's Rights, Community / Customary Land Rights, Community Paralegals, Education, Ethnic / Religious Minorities' Rights, Gender-based violence

Vision: A democratic society where Rishi, Dalit, Harijan, and other professionally excluded people establish their Human Rights and live in dignity with mainstream society being free from poverty, injustice, and discrimination.  

Mission: To enhance the capacity and opportunity of the beneficiary partner women and children, establish their self-govern institutions and network linkage among own community and mainstream and influence the policy formulation and implementation at the national level.

  1. Establishment of rights of untouchable/outcast (Dalit/horizon) women and children, especially inheritance rights of the women.
  2. Involvement untouchable/outcast community in the mainstream of Development
  3. Eradicate illiteracy among the target community through operating Pre-primary schools, Non-formal Primary Education, adult literacy programs,s and Social/Community Education.
  4. Provide necessary Skill Development Support to women groups for livelihood maintenance and empowerment
  5. Organize advocacy campaigns/awareness activities on issues related to Human Rights, Gender, and Racial Discrimination to contribute to making social change.
  6. Help conduct disaster preparedness and management activities

 SHAREE is committed to implementing it’s all the activities at the community level for the advancement of the poorest section of the community with special Prference to the Dalit community and in general women and Children.

SHAREE believes that there could be no change if people do not participate actively and consciously and are committed to the change. In any type of work with the community, it follows a participatory approach and method, particularly in terms of:

  1. Raising awareness about basic human rights
  2. Building capacity and creating opportunity
  3. Networking and linkage
  4. Campaign/Lobby and Advocacy


The organization established in 1992 is a woman lead non-government, non-profitable, and non-political right-based entity.