Salt Lake Residents Action Group

DOUGLAS, South Africa
Joined September 2021

Sarag an organisation that defends the rights of farm workers and farm dwellers and any other human rights violations. Our mission is serve and educate communities about their constitutional right

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights

Sarag is a legal entity which was established in 2004 working in the NGO industry practicing as an NPO. SARAG is a legal entity that helps the needy from all disadvantage  groups or races. Their passion is to alleviate poverty and lack of health issues in our society at large. SARAG is also partnering with SAPS in the Victim Empowerment Program and this way give support to abuses woman and children.

Their mission is to provide high value and quality families in our communities and our municipal area. SARAG is one of the leading NPO which is leading in the Siyancuma Civil Society Forum. SARAG is also continuously looking for opportunities to create employment opportunities to the youth and the people with disabilities in the Siyancuma area.

They facilitate other programs such as Back to School projects, taking drop-out youth back to school, land awareness, crime prevention campaigns and court support intervention in our communities, moral regeneration (motivational talk show), restorative justice, victim empowerment program, food security, Entrepreneurship , and indigenous games eg. Chess, soccer, netball to prevent crime

SARAG serve and educate the communities about constitutional rights and develop rural and previous underdeveloped communities