Rural Community Development Society (RCDS)

Sharaqpur, Pakistan
Joined July 2019

RCDS is Struggle for a just and democratic society through making marginalized communities socio-economically empowered. Financial Inclusion, human right, GBV, Livelihood, Water & Sanitation

Presence in: Pakistan
Focus: Livelihoods

In June 1995 in Mandi Faizabad village of district Nankana Sahib, leading a group of university graduates, Muhammad Murtaza decided to choose a path of profound working for innovative improvement in lives of the poor. They struggled and set up a not-for-profit non-political organization naming Rural Community Development Society (RCDS) – to serve as a catalyst for change, with a mission to achieve “a just and democratic society” by “making marginalized communities socio-economically empowered”. They envisioned an organization that would help the poor to collectively work to break out of poverty’s grip by providing them opportunities in livelihood and employment, infrastructure, social mobilization, human and institutional development.

Today RCDS has emerged as strong forum to work for the disadvantaged segments of society, especially women, to empower them for a better future with improved livelihood.

Numbers may not tell the whole story but they do speak for themselves. In 1995 five people started the journey of RCDS in a single room. Today the organization has more than 250 Staff members But above all the numbers, financial strength, and expansion are the people whose lives RCDS touched and changed. So far, we have contributed the lives of 1.5 million people benefiting 45% women with the special focus on their empowerment through financial inclusion.

The organization has an independent Board of Directors with the 45% representation of females. All the BoD members belong to the different fields of life with diversified experience and vision. The BoD appoints the Managing director who, with the guidance of BoD implement programs with the experienced staff.