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Joined March 2023

RRRES is a grass roots voluntary development organization, ministering to the poor and needy in the rural areas of Nellore, Prakasham & Tirupati districts of Andhra Pradesh state, India.

Presence in: India
Focus: Education

The organization believes in community sustainability and the constructive development of society. In this direction, the organization focused more on the capacity-building aspect of every intervention. The process gave wide exposure to the areas of old-age health and support issues, widow related issues, education, and child-related interventions. Even in the direction of livelihood the organization made a good effort and reaped significant success. We wish that we will continue living up to the expectations of the donors and supporters as well as fulfill the very objectives of the organization. We love to take up such tasks in newer areas with newer strategies thereby covering larger target groups. Our commitment level and the team`s expertise are set to take up more challenges in the days to come so that more types of target groups are served. We welcome to associate all those individuals and agencies that have similarities in our objectives and our methods of interventions. It will be a great pleasure for us if such agencies and individuals contribute to the objectives of the society and we are sure that we can provide a befitting long term companionship amongst us and society.

The main aim of the organization is to serve society at large by making available a platform at grass root level where they can share and promote their ideas to the public & govt. at large. The organization will contribute to the nation by promoting cultural education, ethnic way of life & promoting problem-solving ideas in education, economic & cultural sector. The organization will be a platform for social awareness for all citizens and provide logical solutions for achieving human development.

To Collaborate and organize a program for social development and welfare of the people, women & children related areas.

To arrange and organize various kind of children welfare program, activities / medical camp etc.