RMIT University

Melbourne, Australia
Joined February 2021

RMIT University is a public research university based in Melbourne, Australia with campuses in Vietnam and the Europe.

Presence in: Australia, Spain, Vietnam
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Criminal Justice, Education, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Other, Traditional / Customary Justice

RMIT embraces the task of extending the benefits of a fast-innovating, high-skill knowledge economy to our whole community and our world. We are dedicated to helping shape a new urban and industrial renaissance in the global economy.

We are driven by impact and focused on the challenges and opportunities emerging around us. As the world economy transforms, we have a responsibility to make the resulting changes work for the whole of society.

Our distinctive approach to connected education and research links creative ideas with technical knowledge.  RMIT understands how to do this during a period of deep technological change.

RMIT began helping people and organisations make the transition to an industrial society more than a century ago. RMIT remains a meeting place for people from diverse origins, a place of exchange and dialogue, creative conflict and collaboration where knowledge and skills are applied to create new understanding and value.

Today, we embrace the challenge of helping to shape a new urban and industrial renaissance in a global economy.

The innovation and pace of change now underway is immense. New industries are being created while others are destroyed. Yet more are being transformed and renewed. The mass factories of the past are being replaced by clusters of production centred around new knowledge, technology, skills and creativity. Students, workers and institutions need entrepreneurship and teamwork to adapt and succeed.

We are passionately committed to growing interdisciplinary expertise and creative thinking, together with practical application and problem-solving directly relevant to the lives of the communities we serve.

Our commitment to serving students from all backgrounds is equally strong. This includes a responsibility to lead in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, to ensure access and effective support for all students, and to embracing the global diversity and talent of all our students and staff.