Research and Advocacy Unit

Harare, Zimbabwe
Joined March 2021

Research and Advocacy Unit is an independent non-governmental organization that works in Zimbabwe on the mandate of increasing efficacy, participation, and representation of women and young people

Presence in: Zimbabwe
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Policy Advocacy

Our Mission is “To conduct research on human rights and governance issues, particularly those pertaining to women, children, and State institutions, with a view to bringing about policy changes which promote a democratic culture within Zimbabwe”. Our Vision is “To be a key organization fostering a democratic culture and development through citizen empowerment”.

Strategic Orientation

RAU conducts research and advocacy in three key areas, namely women, climate change, and governance. RAU has produced over 100 reports and opinion pieces on a wide variety of topics. Some reports are issued in RAU’s own name, whilst others are issued in the name of our partner organizations. RAU is a member of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum and the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe. RAU, in pursuit of better advocacy, also produces documentary videos to complement the reports that it produces.