Psycare and Health Rights Foundation

Gombe, Nigeria
Joined February 2022

Health Rights Advocacy Psychosocial Support Services Mental Health Supports Research and Documentation

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Ethnic / Religious Minorities' Rights, Health, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information

Psycare & Health Rights Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to support mental health awareness, eliminating the stigmas of mental illnesses and collaborating with Health Institutions to provide medical interventions for those who are mentally challenged but cannot afford the cost of routine drugs and other related medical bills. We are also involve in educating the general public about mental health in order to help those suffering from mental health issues to find  how and where to acquire assistance.

Psycare & Health Rights Foundation seek to promote the awareness that health rights are fundamental human right. We advocate to stakeholders on the need for access to health services for various neglected communities. We also through legal and para legal services promote and protect the rights of those who were deliberately denied health services through negligence and carelessness of health workers.

Our activities intend to provide PSS, directly or indirectly with the aim of reconnecting victims of any form of violence with family members, friends and neighbors, We foster social connections and interactions, through  existing community networks of children, youth and women and to facilitate a  normalized daily life and to promote a sense of competence and restoration of control over one’s life. To Build on and encourage victims and community’s innate resilience to crisis. We also provide for identifying, referring and treating victims with severe mental disorders.

Psycare and Health rights Foundation promote peace building, conflict transformations, mediation, negotiation, community social and transformation dialogue to sustain lasting peace in conflict affected areas.