Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA)

Islamabad, Pakistan
Joined August 2019

PODA’s mission is to build a peaceful society by facilitating the empowerment of rural women, youth and marginalized groups through programs in education, sustainable livelihood skills, legal literacy

Presence in: Pakistan
Focus: Gender-based violence, Women's Rights

PODA Legal Aid Center pursuing the Mission to provide legal aid to End Violence Against Women and Girls living in district Islamabad. It is providing legal aid services in collaboration with The Asia Foundation (TAF) on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that is the 5th goal to eliminate Gender Based Violence (GBV).
Women’s Rights Advocacy & Education program creates awareness about existing laws that promote and protect women’s rights in Pakistan and advocates for improving women’s social, economic and legal status in the society.
Democracy & Human Rights Education Program organizes rural communities to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens of Pakistan and links them with Government services, resources and institutions so that the citizens are able to access their rights and also contribute towards making Pakistan a true democracy.