Observatorio de Mortalidad Materna en México

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico
Joined April 2019

The OMM seeks to involve civil society in monitoring the progress and improvement of maternal health and sexual and reproductive health through social audits and political advocacy.

Presence in: Mexico
Focus: Health, Right to Information, Women's Rights

The Maternal Mortality Observatory (OMM in Spanish) is an autonomous, plural, interinsitutional and intersectoral citizen space composed of people from organized civil society, academia and health institutions.

The OMM has developed its work in the monitoring of public policies with a high impact on maternal health:

  • budget monitoring (establishing a critical route for allocation, exercise and accountability);
  • in the field, in the supply of inputs, medicines and services for women during childbirth and obstetric emergency care,
  • and more recently in the monitoring of the implementation of public policy focused on reducing teenage pregnancy.

For these monitoring purposes, the observatory has promoted the participation and training of its members for the social accountability.

The purpose of the observatory is to improve the implementation of public policies through social auditing.

The Mission of the Maternal Mortality Observatory is:
To contribute to improving sexual, reproductive and maternal health of the most vulnerable social groups in Mexico through social auditing and political advocacy with a rights-based and intercultural approach.

Our Vission:
All Mexican youth and women, especially the most vulnerable, make informed decisions and exercise their sexual and reproductive rights, having access to quality health services, thus contributing to the reduction of teenage pregnancies and maternal mortality.

The OMM seeks to be a consolidated body in research, generation of methodological proposals and advocacy in public policy aimed at reducing maternal mortality.