Notre Voix Asbl

Fizi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Joined May 2018

We work in Fizi territory/DRC to defend human rights by these programs: Advocacy for Women & Children's Rights Peace,Development and Culture Child,Girl and the future Good Governance and Democracy

Presence in: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Education, Gender-based violence, Livelihoods, Women's Rights

NOTRE VOIX Asbl is a non profit organisation created on 16 June 2010 and registered on 02 May 2011 in order to find emergency and positive answers on some negative aspects observed in the Congolese community in general and in particular the community of Fizi territory.

Listed below are the main Programs of NOTRE VOIX Asbl contributing to the advancement of women and children’s rights:

  • Advocacy for Women and Children’s Rights
  • Peace, Development and Culture
  • Child, Girl and the future
  • Good Governance and Democracy
  • Female Leadership

Apart from these main activities that NOTRE VOIX Asbl puts in place to eradicate sexual violence against women and girls, the organization also organizes advocacy to see the rights of women and children respected.

As part of putting our CHILD, GIRL AND THE FUTURE program into action, we created a school called PANAFICANISM SCHOOL COMPLEX to accelerate and strengthen the education of girls, Women and children.

The mission of NOTRE VOIX Asbl in to train women and Girls capable to defend their own rights and interests.

Our organization works with all women categories but especially: women and Girls victims of Sexual violence, widowers, girls called girls mummy and no educated girls, rural women, girls and women HIV positive, Babwari and banyamulenge who are so neglected because of their ethnic minority.

NOTRE VOIX Asbl works in the territory of Fizi, South-Kivu province in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Great lakes region in africa.

Our main office is located in Fizi but we have different field offices in Baraka, Lulimba,Mboko, Minembwe and we are planning to other field offices In other place where we see our activities are needed.