National Society for Democracy and Law

Democracy is based on essential requirements and it can not based on or achieved without it, especially awareness and freedom. So searching for democracy without freedom and awareness is searching for mirage. Since democracy is a system based on faith and science which needs organized values.  Therefore, the National Society for Democracy and Law registration no. (7313).The organization was established by an initiative of educated Palestinian youth, and it was supported by many national figures to be as the light candle for those they looking for freedom and knowledge.

The Society`s Vision:

The society aspires to be the  leader in access to a free democratic society prevails with equality and justice where every segments of the Palestinian society enjoy with equal rights and duties.

The Society`s Mission:

NSDL seeks to disseminate and promote the concepts of democracy and human rights for all segments of Palestinian society, and is working to raise public awareness to the principles, values ​​and the foundations of human rights through its programs and the professional qualified staff, in addition to monitoring and documenting all violations against the citizens and  individuals of the various entities and to prosecute Perpetrators  according to international and local conventions.

Objectives of the Society:

  1. Stabilizing rule of law principles and human rights respect.
  2. Educating citizens of their rights and duties and the responsibilities entrusted to them.
  3. Documenting the most important events relating to rule of law and human rights violations.
  4. Defending for  human  rights  in accordance  with  the Palestinian National  Authority  established  laws  and  legislations and  to the  international  conventions of human rights.
  5. Participating in establishing the civil society organizations.