National Geographic “Umsuka” Public Palaeoanthropology Project; African Digital Education Trust (ADET)

Johannesburg, South Africa
Joined July 2019

Changing the face of palaeoanthropology in Southern Africa through transformative educational programming and activities.

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Education
  • NatGeo “Umsuka”: The National Geographic “Umsuka” Public Palaeoanthropology Project (NatGeo “Umsuka”) is committed to the mission of increasing the accessibility of our common fossil hominin heritage for South Africans of diverse backgrounds in order to engage them with the past in ways that unite us in the present and help us to work towards a better, shared future.
    • NatGeo “Umsuka,” which brings the subject of human evolution and the resources of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site (CoH WHS) to learners of all ages:
      • Cradle Ambassadors community development retreat in the CoH WHS;
      • Unique Life Sciences school outings in conjunction with KaiNav Conservation Africa;
      • Deaf Education and Tourism initiative in collaboration with VoiceOut Deaf;
      • Teacher and cultural site-guide training;
      • In-class student enrichment modules and/or speakers.