Namibia Paralegal Association (NPA)

Windhoek, Namibia
Joined September 2019
Presence in: Namibia
Focus: Family, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Health, Labor & Employment, Women's Rights

The Namibia Paralegal Association (NPA) was established in 1998 and registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in 2003. The NPA is a non-profit, voluntary organization of individuals who provide community members with free services on matters pertaining to violations of their legal, civil, constitutional, and human rights.

NPA paralegals are trained Namibian volunteers who advise in a number of different legal areas:

Labour and Employment/Workers Compensation
Family Law, including Marriage, Divorce
Domestic Violence and Rape
Wills and Inheritance
Social Grants

NPA paralegals go out into the community and teach people about their rights. These paralegals give advice and at times bring the cases to human rights lawyers who take the cases to court through the Legal Assistance Centre. All this is done for free for those who cannot afford it.

Today, the NPA operates through an estimated 200 paralegals representing all thirteen regions of the country and actively serving their communities. The NPA has an Executive Committee consisting of nine members. The Executive Committee for 2011/2012 is comprised of the following members:

Lucas Rumingu Kasera (Acting President)
Nokokure (“Noko”) Kariko (Secretary)
Sibali Kgobetsi (Vice Secretary)
Sonny Ndalumbumo (Treasurer)
Ferdinand Muharukua (Deputy Treasurer)
Jarcino Beukes, Mbaisana Tumbu and Karel Gui dao-oab (Additional Members)

With communities’ continued support, the NPA paralegals will continue to be a strong force helping people who historically have been denied justice, education, and resources.