Mongolian national federation of the blind

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Joined March 2019


Presence in: Mongolia
Focus: Education, Family, Livelihoods, Women's Rights


MNFB is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to defend the rights of blind people living in Mongolia and to support their participation in civil society on an equal base with sighted people.  The Federation has twenty three branches nationwide and the network helps to provide education, employment, healthcare, culture, sport, recreation and charity to its 9600 visually impaired members.

MNFB was established by the initiation of blind persons in 1978.

MNFB is a member of the World Blind Union and the World Blind Union-Asia Pacific, the International Blind Sports Association and the Asian Medical Massage Instructors Network.

MNFB pay attention on education, employment, social protection   and many other issues related to blind people’s interests nationwide and abroad and express federation’s attitude or position.

The federation is functioning for approximately 9600 blind, low vision and visually impared persons through 23 provincial chapters and districts and it has councils for elderly, blind women, sport, culture, and youths.

Every four years, MNFB convenes its Congress, where all the members discuss the activities in the past four years, identify the goals for the upcoming years and elect the management team.

Braille and Talking Books Publishing Center, vocational and Training Center, Best FM 98.5 Radio station, kindergarten for the blind children   and “Best Massage” networking centers of the blind masseurs are running activities under the federation.