Manyara Regional Civil Society Network (MACSNET)

Babati, Tanzania
Joined May 2018

The Manyara Regional CSO’s network is a registered network of Civil Society Organizations that operates in Tanzania, with its objective as enhancement of human right, policy advocacy and governance.

Presence in: Tanzania
Focus: Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Women's Rights

The Manyara Regional CSO’s network is a registered network of Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) that operates in Manyara Region that have dedicated themselves to have undertaking various activities in lobbying and advocacy towards poverty eradication and sustainable human development. It draws its members from NGO’s, CBO’s, FBO’s and trade Organizations/Unions who are operating in the Region.

Being established in April 2005, the coalition has its main objective as capacity enhancement, policy advocacy and Good Governance for sustainable human development at the District, Regional and National level. It is a member’s based initiative, which aims at stimulating and sensitizing the participatory Public – Private Partnership. Our believe is that it will bring about community, Local Government and development actors cohesion and joint effort towards enabling poor people to participate fully in decision making processes, allocation and utilization of public resources at community level so as to bringing about fare, equity and sustainable citizen development.


  • Vision: We envision “a community with sustainable development in Manyara Region”.
  • Mission: We will achieve its vision by “facilitating substantial development of the community through capacity building, policy advocacy, promotion of human rights, enhancement of good governance and networking.

Strategic objectives

  • Improved capacity to members and partners in governance, programming, fundraising and management support by 2022.
  • Increased access to justice and protection of human rights to 75% of poor and vulnerable groups in Manyara region by 2022.
  • 75% of elected and non-elected Leaders embrace good Governance in their decisions and actions towards public resources by 2022.
  • Increased organizational performance from 50% to 80% through staff development, Resource Mobilization, members’ access and use of information and strengthening of systems by 2022.