Manbhum Ananda Ashram Nityananda Trust

Kolkata, India
Joined September 2021

Empowering the marginalised people since 1960

Presence in: India
Focus: Education, Environmental Justice, Family, Gender-based violence, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Livelihoods, Policy Advocacy, Right to Information, Women's Rights

The Trust believes in the people-centered development through empowerment of marginalized people. It stipulates the dictum that integrated development is a process in which people take the conscious initiative to manage resources for the people, thereby ensuring people’s participation, which leads to the development by the people.


Our key objectives are mentioned below:

  • To spread awareness among the rural poor regarding their common social health and economic problems. We will also form village groups to share everything more effectively.
  • To improve the economic level of the lower strata by providing appropriate credit extension in agricultural and skill-building programs.
  • To encourage self-reliance by guiding people to manage such programs on their own using the local resources and stocks in a sustainable manner.
  • To provide help during natural calamities and during distress.
  • To promote cultural actions in a localized manner. This will help to encourage interaction at all levels in society.
  • To initiate or undertake research, field study, documentation, and debate on issues that concern the development of communities.
  • To promote the use of renewable and alternative sources of energy.
  • To teach morals to the children so as to encourage them to adopt value-based behavioral patterns.
  • To provide formal, non-formal, and vocational education to all those who need it and to educate the illiterates.