Local Governance Research Institute

Harare, Zimbabwe
Joined May 2017

We work in Zimbabwe (Urban and Rural) communities. Carrying out researches, capacity building and consultancy work focusing on improving service delivery in local authorities.

Presence in: Zimbabwe
Focus: Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Right to Information

LoGoRi: is a registered research (founded in 2011), capacity building and consultancy organization that focuses on promoting and advocating for quality, accessibility, parity, affordability and reliability in the delivery of social services in local governments.

Aiming at improving the delivery of quality public services in local authorities and quality life for the public by becoming the apex national and regional agency in Local Governance and Local Development through, Research, Training, and Consultancy Services.

The LoGoRi mission is to be at the fore front in improving local governance and development in Zimbabwe through researching, capacity building and consultancy that lead to sustainable development and improved standards of living.

To ensure the development of local authorities human resources by strengthen their institutional and management capacity. To function as the leading centre for Training, Research and Consultancy Services on issues relating to local governance and development in Zimbabwe. The above mission leads to the following objectives:-

  • To identify service delivery problems and development challenges related to climate change and local resources management in local authorities.
  • Promote and initiate native community solutions initiatives in solving service delivery and social community problems (in education, health, roads maintenance, food security, waste management and natural resource management).
  • To formulate and deliver programs of capacity building activities for the institutional strengthening of local authorities.
  • To provide competent consultancy services in the development of local authorities human resources, improvement of management systems, and facilitate organizational changes.
  • To build the capacity of LoGoRi to provide Advocacy, Training, Consultancy and Research support for strengthening institutions of Local Governance.