Lindi Women Paralegal Aid Centre (LIWOPAC)

Lindi, Tanzania
Joined August 2021

Mission Human rights organization advocating and striving to promote, advocacy through plenary dialogues between private and public sectors and protect women and children human rights in Tanzania

Presence in: Tanzania
Focus: Family, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Livelihoods, Women's Rights

Lindi Women Paralegal Aid Centre, Acronyms (LIWOPAC) is a non-governmental organization founded in August 2001, with the aim of  defending the rights and position of women and children as a vulnerable and marginalized group in Tanzania societies particularly Lindi region. This organization was registered on June 2003 under the Tanzania Societies Ordinance Cap 337 of 1954. It is non-profit making; non-partisan development organization which was awarded a certificate of Compliance (No. 0760) in 2008. The organization have so far managed to deliver its services in six Districts of Lindi Region, namely; Nachingwea, Ruangwa, Lindi Municipal, Lindi Rural, Kilwa and Liwale District.

LIWOPAC overall objective

1.4.1 To give legal assistance to women and children regarding;-

  • Women and children’s rights
  • Rights to inheritance – in support of inheritance Act
  • Act and works in compliance with marriage Act of 1971
  • Advocating and protecting human rights on sexual Abuse Act of 1998
  • HIV/AIDS prevention control, care and support
  • Advocating and protecting orphans and most vulnerable children
  • Land act 1999

1.4.2. Educate the communities concerning Human rights through awareness creation, lectures, seminars and workshops, physical visits and other activities that would promote Women’s and children  rights within Lindi Region and if necessary beyond outside  the Region.

1.2.3. Build confidence and give assistance to women with low incomes to form small groups that will be engaged in economic projects in line with the self-reliance spirit and attitudes, through legal education to venture in business education which can increase   wealth to their livelihood.