Light House, Bangladesh

Bogra, Bangladesh
Joined July 2012
Presence in: Bangladesh

2.1 Establishment
Light House was formed in 1988 following the floods that devastated Bangladesh. A group of young men were so moved by what had happened that they formed together to try and help the victims. One of those founder members, Md. Harun-or-Rashid is now the Chief Executive of Light House.

2.2 Legal Status
Light House is registered with both the Department of Social Services, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to carry out voluntary activities. (Registration Number DH-02791 dated September 6th 1992) and the NGO affairs Bureau to receive and operate with foreign donations from abroad and in country. (Registration Number FDO/R-1307 dated November 5th 1998) and enlisted with the Department of Narcotics.

2.4 Organization Vision:
Light House will emerge as a leading National NGO with special expertise in HIV prevention, ensuring good governance and poverty alleviation with increased funding coming from our own sources.

2.5 Organization Mission:
We work in partnership with other development organizations, civil society and government to ensure equal access to basic human rights, social security and good governance for the whole community, but particularly the most vulnerable and most at risk groups. Light House believes in making a difference, accountability, peace and harmony gender equity and participation.

2.6 Value’s of Light House:
•Mutual Respect and Trust
• Gender Equity
• Integrity & Solidarity
• Transparency & Accountability
• Equal Opportunities for all

2.7 Goals of Light House:

1. Ensuring social security and justice at local & national level.
2. Improving the socio economic conditions of poor, marginalized and vulnerable people and thereby decrease the number of people living on or below the poverty line
3. Ensure health services to high risk and marginalized people for preventing maternal mortality and reducing the risk of HIV, AIDS & STI, TB transmission and their treatment
4. To increase self sustaining activities/ self sustainability of Light House

2.8 Light House Motto: Putting people first.