Lembaga Bantuan Hukum (LBH) Bandung

Bandung, Indonesia
Joined August 2019

LBH Bandung focuses on legal aid and human rights with the scope of work in West Java.

Presence in: Indonesia
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Labor & Employment, Right to Information

Bandung Legal Aid Institute, as LBH Bandung was first established on 16 February 1981. LBH Bandung is one of the Office under the National Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI). The scope of LBH Bandung work area covers the entire territory West Java province. As Organizations of Civil Society in West Java, LBH Bandung views that the State must protect and respect the civil and political rights as well as assure the fulfillment of economic, social and cultural and become an important part and undivided in the running the State.

One of the serious problems experienced by the impoverished and marginalized people is access to justice. Therefore, LBH Bandung has positioned itself as an organization that focuses on legal aid and human rights with the scope of work in West Java. Our Organization missions are:

  1. Establish, promote and disseminate the values of the democratic and just law-based state, and uphold human rights in all social segments without condition;
  2. Establish and promote independent and empowered marginalized people in such a way that enables them to formulate, articulate and struggle for and sustain their collective and individual interests;
  3. Develop systems, institutions and other supporting instruments to increase the effectiveness of the efforts to fulfill the rights of the marginalized people;
  4. Initiate, encourage, advocate and support law development programs, enforcement of legal justice and national legal reform in line with the viable Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and
  5. Promote and develop programs that contain a dimension of justice in politics, socio, economics, culture, gender, particularly for the marginalized people.