Legal Resources Centre (LRC), Ghana

Accra, Ghana
Joined September 2017

Human Rights, Human Dignity for all. LRC is committed to the realization of human dignity by building human rights capacities. LRC does this by facilitating the establishment of human rights cities.

Presence in: Ghana
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Criminal Justice, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Right to Information, Women's Rights

Legal Resources Centre is a non-governmental organisation with significant community-based grassroots initiatives. The LRC develops human rights capacities within communities where it works so as to ensure social progress and development through the instrumentation of law, justice, development and good governance.

The LRC also links community concerns to national level policy institutions to ensure that decisions take into consideration less privileged populations within Ghana. The core elements of the LRC’s work are three-fold:

  • Build Human Rights within Communities
  • Influence National and Local Policy Institutions
  • Bridge Community Concerns with National Policy Decision-making

LRC’s activities are carried out across the full gamut of human rights including:

  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
  • Civil and Political Rights and
  • Rights as are related to Human Development

Our Philosophy

The basic philosophy of the LRC is that every human being deserves to live in dignity and that human rights constitute not only a vision but a tool for achieving human dignity. The LRC also believes that an enduring development may only be achieved in an environment where the majority of the citizenry:

  • Know and understand their basic human rights.
  • Have quick and effective access to justice and entitlements; and
  • Understand and play their role in the functioning of the institutions of state.

The LRC carries out its projects under two (2) main programmes. These are:

We also believe that Human Rights must be systematically implemented and mainstreamed in the National Development Agenda of Ghana.