Abuja, Nigeria
Joined August 2019

The Legal Research Initiative (LRI) is a non-governmental organisation that conducts research and training on various areas as a prelude to advocating legal & regulatory reform and policy changes. LRI

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Criminal Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency

The objectives of LRI are as follows:

(a) Conduct of research into National laws .

(b) Provide high level consulting support for regulatory reviews

(c) Conduct of studies on laws with gender bias

(d) Organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops, and meetings on topical issues.

(e) Development of curricular for humanitarian law, administrative law and other recondite areas for institutions that would desire it.

(f) Collaboration with both Government and non-governmental agencies with a view to promoting legal research and reform.

(g) Promotion of good governance through legislative advocacy, transparency and anti-corruption advocacy in the Justice sector.

(h) Development of research skills of Legislative Aides and Law Clerks in the Judiciary.

(i) To engage in such other activity as may be considered necessary for the purpose of promoting research and learning.

(j) To engage in publication of research works and dissemination.

LRI has partnered with as well as acted as consultants on several issues with many organisations.

LRI is also one of the proposed service providers for the Nigerian Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education Program.

LRI has provided unique services to both National and International agencies and has also worked at various levels of government, including Federal, State and local Governments. We always strive to surpass the goals and expectations of our clients and those whom our services impact. Our key project staff are all familiar with the processes of major international agencies having provided services to such bodies such as DFID, World Bank, UNDP, Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation etc. Our knowledge of the regulatory and policy review r in Nigeria is second to none and our key staff have played key role in almost all the reform programmes in the last decade. Three quarters of the lawyers in Nigeria both in the Bar and bench were trained by the key members of the legal reserach initiative.