Law and Wildlife

Brussels, Belgium
Joined May 2022

Law and Wildlife envisions a conservation community that is able to use different aspects of law to better preserve and restore wildlife on our planet.

Presence in: Belgium
Focus: Environmental Justice

At Law and Wildlife, we

Take a holistic legal approach to conservation problems. We believe law can help us reconciliate with nature and enable healing of wild life and places.

Think globally and act locally. We take a comprehensive approach when using law, drawing from different legal fields and applying those to the unique circumstances of each case.

Collaborate with field and policy experts. We hope to make a difference at a local or species level as well as in the conservation field as a whole. ​​
We firmly believe that understanding and using law is a necessary way of addressing conservation issues. However, to identify legal gaps and alternative legal pathways it is imperative to understand what conservation challenges exist. To use law effectively for conservation, our work aims at closing the gap between legal and conservation disciplines. We aim to provide a common language for lawyers and conservation specialists.

Most conservation organisations lack a budget for legal issues. The legal tools that we develop will be made freely available, when possible. For customized needs, we strive to provide affordable/no cost legal assistance with the help of external funders.