Law and Governance Advocate

Kampala, Uganda
Joined April 2017

We work in 6 districts in Uganda. We undertake legal empowerment by providing people with information on the law, financing for justice and to demand for accountability from justice machinery

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods

National Service organisation non governmental with head office in Kampala, and operating in 6 districts of Wakiso Mpigi Masaka

Mbale Kamuli Iganga


Law and Governance Advocates, (LGA-U) is non- partisan non-governmental national organization operating in Uganda with its head office in Kampala. It was established in 2009 fully registered under the Laws of Uganda.

We work towards a just and democratic society with a mission of advancing Human Rights using law and governance as a means for social justice


A society with requisite knowledge and information on national laws and policies.

Mission Statement

To create understanding of laws as and policies and legally empower communities through awareness raising trainings and advocacy for legal empowerment


  1. To create understanding and awareness of the different human rights laws and related policies
  2. Building capacity of women and children in using law to seek for responsiveness of duty bearers

LGA-U implements its activities through three programme areas of Access to Justice; Economic Justice and livelihood and Democratic governance.

Access to Justice  offers Legal aid, legal education and engages in human rights sensitive policy and legislative advocacy and reform.

Economic justice  advocates for human rights sensitive economic policies and demystifies legal information for communities with economic justice  challenges and specifically engages on financing access to justice,

Democratic Governance: human Rights advocacy, compliance with international human rights instruments


Email: governance.advocates@gmail.com

Website: www.governanceadvocates.ug

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  1. Sophie Kyagulanyi

Executive Director

Contact: 0772594640

Email: soamiz@gmail.com.