Nairobi, Kenya
Joined February 2023

KUZA TRUST is a nascent not-for-profit organization that exists to address challenges of poverty, Health equity, and Gender Justice through policy advocacy and narrative change in Kenya/ East Africa

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Community Organizing, Gender-based violence, Health, HIV/Aids, Policy Advocacy, Traditional / Customary Justice

Our initiatives support grassroots storytelling focused on power, and structural solutions and
strengthen communities’ capacity to align around shared narrative strategies that build
community resilience, political and public will for health equity, and social justice.
Coalition Organizing
We bring people and organizations together to build the power to make things happen. KUZA
TRUST is a proud convener of three regional community-led coalitions on health financing
in Kenya to advocate for harm reduction funding.
Leadership Development
We identify and provide training to support value and vision-aligned leaders from our local
community to enhance movement building.
Social Indicator
The research unit of KUZA TRUST conducts surveys on a wide range of health governance,
social and political issues, thereby uniquely informing opinion and policy making and the
wider research and advocacy agenda of the organization. We generate local evidence on
issues of poverty and health inequity for policy development
We work with grassroots groups, faith-based organizations, and individuals regardless of
economic status or disability. We work to change systems so that marginalized communities
can effectively participate in the decisions and lead the processes that impact their lives