Kuza Livelihood Improovement Projects

Mombasa, Kenya
Joined July 2020

To create a conducive environment for collaboration in improving opportunities through a human right centered approach and gender responsive manner contributing in realization of Sustainable Devt.

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Gender-based violence

We are a community project that was first registered on 16th January 2016 as Kuza Small and Micro Entreprenuers Support Group and was issued with a certificate of registration from the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services numbered DSD/MSA/CD/2016/50000334. In January 2019 a resolution was made by the management committee to rebrand. The now Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection registered us a fresh terming change of name is an equivalent of a new entity. We were issued with a certificate numbered DSD/MSA/CD/2019/00860.

Kuza is a Swahili word meaning to “Nurture” as an organization we are founded on the principal of being in existence towards bettering the potential of others towards a harmonious sustainable community.

Strategic Objectives of KuLIP:

To enhance the institutional capacity of the organization to efficiently design, implement, monitor and evaluate projects for research and learning.

To improve on the branding and visibility of the organization on varied media platforms for information, mass education and community empowerment for sustainable development

To institute interventions on guaranteed availability of resources for executions of the strategic objectives of the organization.

To contribute in the realization of Human Rights, Rule of Law and Social Accountability for cohesion and prosperity of our society.

To collaborate with like mind stakeholders towards consolidating a united front that shall contribute in bettering our society.