Kishoka Youth Organization

Mtongwe, Kenya
Joined October 2016
Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Environmental Justice

Kishoka Youth Organization motto is sensitizing and empowering the community. The organization aim to facilitate the empowerment of the community on issues affecting them and to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment, in order for them to attain sustainable livelihood and lead responsible and dignified lifestyle in various fields to meet the benchmark of green environment. One of the greatest features of the organization is the serene physical ambiance. The organization has the magical weave of human and natural affairs. We strongly believe that if the physical ambiance is prioritized, psycho-social ambience is true to follow in. The organization caters to the needs of community in many realistic ways to help them to perform better and become green citizens. The aesthetic combination of environmental issues clean-up and justice and waste management is an enchanting sight.