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JUSTICE BOT’S mission is to provide a one stop centre where ordinary Ugandans can have access to legal information at a click of a button.

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Focus: Right to Information

About Justice Bot Uganda

Justice Bot Uganda is an interactive Question and Answer community that has a vast user base of community experts waiting to answer your questions on just about any subject. It is also a place for experts and enthusiasts to answer questions and share their knowledge with the Ugandan Community. Whether you have a question you just need an answer for now, or you’re full of knowledge and wish to help people Justice Bot Uganda is a community of experts with information that is always open to you.

At Justice Bot Uganda, you will receive expert advice to help you solve your problem. If you have a question and you just can’t find an answer for it online, use the Justice Bot Uganda expert community to answer it for you. Our website also offers professional writing services to Students who are pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate courses at very competitive rates.

You’ll find more than just answers at www.justicebotuganda.com .Our website makes it easy for you to find experts and seek professional help with them. You can also easily share facts, ideas and opinions with other users that share the platform.

History of Justice Bot Uganda

Justice Bot Uganda was started in the year 2018 as a way to connect clients to professional experts through information sharing.

Our Goal is to provide answers to everything. We aim to create the most extensive database of answers to all questions as submitted and replied to by our ever-growing membership. We want every person who needs a question answered to be confident they will find it here, and find it fast.

How We Innovate

www.justicebotuganda.com is completely free to use and also contains several features that make it stand out. Namely, the ability to have answers responded to you by our community experts free of charge, the ability to request any experts for professional help at the tap of a button.