JU,S Jurídico Social

Farol, East Timor
Joined August 2018

JU,S Jurídico Social - the social side of the law. A Timor-Leste social enterprise focusing legal support and capacity building on human rights, women rights and access to justice.

Presence in: East Timor
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Criminal Justice, Education, Family, Gender-based violence, Right to Information, Women's Rights


JU,S is a social enterprise with a mission to support the strengthening of human rights in Timor-Leste and other developing countries, through improved legal framework and a legal approach to rights guarantees.

JU,S aims at contributing to the implementation of systemic solutions to promote sustainable enjoyment of human rights in order to bring positive impact to people’s lives. Our vision includes the empowerment of individuals, groups and communities to effectively participate in the development of their country.


Established in the end of 2017, JU,S is the result of the willingness of three highly experienced legal professionals who decided to get together to provide specialized legal services on human rights relevant areas in Timor-Leste. JU,S is, in fact, a not-for-profit private sector organization, having enshrined in its Statute the establishment of a pro bono fund to support local NGOs and community-based groups in demanding the enforcement of their human rights and increasing their capacity to use the legal avenues to promote their missions.

JU,S is lead by two female lawyers who have worked tirelessly to support gender equality and rights based approach in Timor-Leste.