Jubaland Bar Association

Kismayo, Somalia
Joined August 2020

Jubaland Bar association is non-political,non-profit making human right and legal professional association,based in kismayo-somalia,overall itsmission and vision is upheld human rights and Rule of law

Presence in: Somalia
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information, Women's Rights

Jubaland Bar association is non-political, non-profit making human right and legal professional association, which unite all of the Jubaland lawyers including legal advisors of the Public Institutions , Government ministries, local Governments, Private commercial companies and legal consultancies of the UN and International Humanitarian agencies around Jubaland Three regions and founded June 2019.
JBA as a local professional association’s mandates are the enhancing the reputation of the Jubaland lawyers, to improve the quality of their performance in service delivery, and protection of the lawyers rights and observance for their duties; the realization of access justice, fair and independent judiciary, respect of human rights, promotion of the legal education, realization of democratic and proper application of the laws.  Firstly the promotion of the respect for human rights is one of the indispensable purposes of the Bar (JBA). Secondly the system of periodic reporting within the context of the major international human rights instruments is the Associational vital element in monitoring the full and effective national implementation of international human rights standards.
Accomplish capable and competence legal professionals, effective and efficient practicable of laws, enjoyable justice, independent and impartial judiciary, realization of feasible human right protection, supremacy of law, democracy, good governance and peace in all Jubaland Regions.
JBA mission is ensure the improvement of the legal professional standard of the country, feasible access justice, laws enforcing and respect of human rights for social, civil, political, economical, dignity, security and equity that promote respect and fulfilment of their rights enshrined in the “Universal Declarations” and other subsequent International Bills of human rights.