International Refugee Rights Initiative

Kampala, Uganda
Joined October 2018

IRRI is dedicated to promoting human rights in situations of conflict and displacement, enhancing the protection of vulnerable populations before, during and after conflict.

Presence in: Uganda, United Kingdom, United States
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

IRRI was founded in 2004 to inform and improve responses to the cycles of violence and displacement that are at the heart of large-scale human rights violations.

Our vision is a world where every person feels safe and secure, be that in their own homes or elsewhere.

Over the last 14 years, we have developed a holistic approach to the protection of human rights before, during, and in the aftermath of displacement, by focusing on:

  • identifying the violations that cause displacement and exile,
  • protecting the rights of those who are displaced, and
  • ensuring the solutions to their displacement are durable, rights respecting, safe and timely.

We work to ensure the voices of the displaced and conflict affected communities are not only heard but heeded at the international level through our evidence based advocacy that is built on solid field based research and analysis.