In-Sight Collaborative

Bainbridge Island, United States
Joined February 2021

In-Sight Collaborative reimagines forced displacement by promoting accompaniment along the migratory pathway.

Presence in: Greece, Turkey, United States
Focus: Criminal Justice, Education, Health, Right to Information

In-Sight Collaborative sees the accompaniment model as a way to mitigate systemic risk by localizing interventions and cultivating networks of holistic support rather than cycles of dependency on outside resources. From this bottom-up approach, we believe that accompaniment is an intuitive model, but fully and effectively adapting and implementing it will require a shift in thinking and in behavior from everyone involved in forced displacement crises.

In-Sight Collaborative currently hosts education programs and outreach to help raise awareness about migration issues and the accompaniment model and we promote a more engaging and ethical process to fundraising and storytelling when it comes to migration issues.

Our project The Brothers Campaign focuses on advocacy and aid delivery (medical and physical aid) to men in displacement settings who are often neglected and are disproportionately subjected to detention, rejection of asylum cases, and social stigmatization by host communities and humanitarian actors. We currently support brothers in several different countries as they make their journeys to safety.