Human Rights Research Center (HRRC)

Tbilisi, Georgia
Joined September 2021

The HRRC is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. As its mission, the organization is focused on promoting youth participation in political life through non-formal education.

Presence in: Georgia
Focus: Education, Other, Right to Information

Despite significant progress, from year to year, the Office of the Public Defender of Georgia in its reports speaks of serious problems in terms of human rights protection. At the same time, public awareness of human rights issues is still low at the national level. To respond to this problem (and not only that) in 2015, we decided to form an initiative group. In February 2018 initiative group became the legal entity. As its mission, our organization is oriented on giving youth practical experience and knowledge along with theoretical ones, to facilitate in turning those young people into active and successful members of society, through non-formal education. In our country, everything is accumulated in big cities. There are few organizations that work in rural areas. Young people who live in rural areas have less opportunity to participate in youth educational projects. In fact, these young people are much more vulnerable, and they most need our help. That is why the main idea of the organization is to encourage the participation of these young people. Our organization works at the national level, but the Erasmus+ program allows us to work at the international level too. At this stage, we have eight implemented and 12 approved projects.