Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum Uganda

Kampala, Uganda
Joined January 2018

promote respect and observance of human rights of marginalised groups

Presence in: Uganda

HRAPF’s work is directed towards achieving equality, non-discrimination, and access to justice for the most marginalised groups in Uganda.
The site is designed to provide information about HRAPF, key developments in the field of human rights in Uganda, and access to the various publications that HRAPF has developed. It is updated periodically with the latest information.

Human Rights Awareness and promotion Forum (HRAPF) is an independent, non-partisan, Non-Governmental human rights advocacy organization. It was founded in 2008 by a group of freshly graduated lawyers and other professionals. HRAPF seeks to create awareness of human rights and provide legal support to the most marginalised groups as a means of stemming abuse of their human rights.

HRAPF is incorporated under the laws of Uganda.