Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF)

Bangkok, Thailand
Joined December 2016
Presence in: Thailand


1.To promote and protect human rights, democracy and peace;

2.To strengthen the standards on human rights, democracy and peace whilst promoting and acting to translate the said principles into practice;

3.To support development which promotes and protects human rights, democracy and peace;

4.To promote and safeguard quality of environment, sustainable use of natural resources and people’s rights in this regard;

5.To safeguard consumers’ rights and oppose unfair business or trade competition;

6.To coordinate and collaborate with concerned individuals and organizations committed to human rights issues, either governmental or non-governmental, working to achieve the above-mentioned objectives,

7.To organize educational and training programmes; to disseminate data and information; to organize meetings or conferences, seminars, symposiums and hears; to produce fact-finding reports and/or situation reports, observation reports on elections, reports on observation of trials and court proceedings; to file petitions or complaints; to provide legal aid or to take legal actions and to undertake any litigation in order to achieve the above mentioned objectives.