Hope Now for the Youth in Development

Kampala, Uganda
Joined January 2021

Respect for life Exemplary life styles Determination & Commitment Transparency, Accountability & Responsibility Civic Participation: Livelihoods and Employment: Sexual and Repr

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Livelihoods

Hope Now for the Youth in Development (HNFYD) is an independent non profitable organization with no political or religious affiliations, formed in 2014 under registration MAR/15/018.

We work for the following:

We provide vulnerable and marginalized youth with nutrition, psychosocial support, education and vocational training to put them on a path to a self-sufficiency and success.

  • We improve access to health care and health education for marginalized and vulnerable communities to better lives and livelihood prospects.
  • We create social stability and awareness on reproductive issues, HIV / AIDS and other related adolescence issues.
  • by Creating avenue for advocacy for human rights, peaceful resolution of conflicts and sustain socio-economic development among the marginalized communities.
  • We advocate for a society whereby children and youth with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities for growth and development.
  • Improved access to education and psycho-social wellbeing of marginalized

Hope now for the youth in development page 4women, children and youth.

  • Increase household income through self-help projects hence eradicating household poverty among the victims of armed conflict and marginalized communities.
  • Unconditional release of the children and youth by the Lord’s Resistance Army.
  • We help poor and marginalized women and communities develop sustainable food supplies and income-generating potential through education training.
  • Prevention of the involvement of these children and youths in commercial sex activities, child domestic labour and other immoral activities.
  • To increase capacity in job creation and income generation.
  • We promote more cohesive considerate and creative individuals/societies with equal opportunities and rights for all.
  • Using community participation activities linked to the school to reduce discrimination against girls, including by supporting the return to school of young moth